The Ninth One…

VSFighting is an open tournament drawing competitors from all over the world to compete on fighting games. As per usual, valuable ranking points are on the line for a number of World Tour championship leagues, as well as thousands of pounds in prize money and of course, the opportunity to become an international champion!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner ready to relinquish the ‘Bedroom Warrior’ title, it’s an chance to enjoy some of the best competitive gameplay in Europe and we hope you’ll love it!

(Draft) Schedule
Take a peek at our draft schedule…As always, this is susceptible to some change, but we think it’s very close to complete now.

You’ll be able to check which pool you’re in using (the site you registered on!); it’s an awesome site that will let you see the tournament brackets, how you’re doing and who you’ll face next!

You will be required to check in for your pool 15 minutes BEFORE it begins where you’ll be registered by the bracket runner. We have a substantial number of attendees at this event and won’t be able to wait around; those who are late WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

Please help us to run this effectively 😀

For those watching online, you’ll also get an idea of what time things are on and when/where to tune in…

New Player’s Guide!

Firstly, welcome! You picked a big event to start out with, but it should also be fun! We’ve added a few tips for you below:

1. Let a member of staff know you’re new – we’re a friendly team and happy to help!
2. Start by taking a walk around to find everything and identify where your pools will be. will help – you’ll need to be at your station 15 minutes before your tournament pool starts!
3. This is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION event. You’ll need to lose in two separate matches (usually against two different people) in order to be eliminated; please don’t leave after your first loss!
4. Playing might feel different! In addition to the pressure of playing offline, we use specific, very responsive monitors to play on. If you’re coming from a big TV, you might be used to some delay caused by the screen. Try your best to familiarise yourself, check your buttons and get comfortable before you start.
5. There can only be one winner…Almost everyone that shows up is going to lose! The tournament doesn’t stop there though – be sure to play some casuals, meet new people and enjoy the finals for the games. The tournament is great, but it’s also a rare social opportunity for us to hang out!
6. Players tend to get absorbed even in casuals games. If you want to play, you’ll need to ask! “Can I play the winner?” is normally enough to get yourself a turn! Usually we’ll play a minimum of best out of 3 – longer than that and it’s common to interject.

Important notes – please read!

* Events can be loud! Astro Gaming are on site providing sound amps for tournament stations. Simply bring a headset and plug it in – or ask at the Astro booth to borrow one for a match!
* You’re on camera! From the moment you step in, you’ll be on camera. This is a requirement for the event and allows us to get our awesome film teams capturing the action for the world. If you don’t want to be filmed, the event isn’t appropriate for you!
* This is a public event held on a (potentially) hot summer’s day with lots of people in attendance! Please wash, wear clean clothing and make the necessary hygienic preparations each day. We recommend brushing teeth and tongues and using anti-perspirant…anti-bacterial hand gel can also work wonders.
* Bring some cash! We’ll have a handful of awesome vendors selling really cool stuff. There’s also a bar on site, an ice cream booth outside, a cafe upstairs and of course…Papa Johns.

* The police will be notified in relation to any criminal acts, including violence, drugs and theft. VSFighting is an inclusive event with people from a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicity, faiths, ages, physical/mental capabilities, preferences and gender classifications. We expect all participants, staff and visitors to respect the rights of others. Abuse will not be tolerated.

* Please also ensure that your social media posts, photos and videos are appropriate, responsible and respectful. As with all public events, please be vigilant and look after your property and belongings. As always, the event director has the final say on all issues. If you have any concerns, speak to a member of staff.

– Justin Xavier!

Our awesome posters (courtesy of the brilliant Steven Bryant)

Our amazing supporters…