VSFighting X is finally upon us!

21-23 AUG 2020
11 years ago, Electronic Dojo hosted its first UK Major, so it's with great pleasure that we now present VSFighting X - our 10th major event in the flagship VSF series! The team are doing everything possible to make this one is a particularly exceptional event; this means that although registration is now live, some of the other key details will follow over the next 2 months. For those who are used to attending FGC events, if you want to get a head start, we'll have a few discounts in place for early registrations (early registration is IMMENSELY helpful in making the event the best it can be, so if you know you're coming, please sign up!). For those who need a little more information, don't worry, we hope to make some great announcements very soon We're planning a monumental event for this August and can't wait to see you there! We are very grateful for your continuous support; we never thought we would get this far. Many thanks, JustinXavier